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General Situation of Bozhou

Bozhou city lies In Nothwest of Anhui Province, which is Located on the joint of Jiangsu Province, Shandong Province, Henan Province and Anhui Province and the hinterland of Huanghuai Plain. Its climate is subtropical monsoon. Bozhou is the first station of Beijing-Kowloon Railway in Anhui Province, occupying Guoyang County,Mengcheng County and Lixin County, Qiaocheng District with an area of 8374 Square Kilometers.

Historical Evolution

Bozhou is one of the birthplaces of the Chinese Nation with a long history. Its origin can be traced back to 7000 years ago. The excavation of ruins of Yuchi Temple, Houtie Camp and Mazhuang culture indicates that in primitive society, a comparatively complete human tribe has appeared. The cultural relics unearthed reflect the high manufacturing technique level and plain taste in art of the ancient tribe. In ancient time, Bozhou jointed Bianluo in North and Huaisi in South,called "the gateway linking South and North, Capital of Huaxi". Bozhou was once the capital of Shang Dynasty, Dragon and Phoenix Regime and the Secondary Capital of Cao and Wei Regime of Three Kingdoms Period, so it is also called "Capital of three Dynasties" . The city of Bozhou was founded on March, 1986. In May, 2000, it was set up as Bozhou City.

Famous People in History

This ancient land has nurtured many well-known personages. The famous ideologist Lao-tzu, Saint of one Generation Chuang-tzu, Wu-ti of Wei Dynasty Caocao, the legendary doctor Huatuo , heroine Huamulan, the Great Master of Taoism Chenzhuan, famous poet Lishen, painter Caoba, leader of Nian Army Zhang Lexing were all born in Bozhou.


Lao-tzu (BC580-BC500) was born in late Spring and Autumn Period at Qurenli Li Town of Ghuku County ( Now Goyang County of Bozhou City), the ancient ideologist and founder of Taoism. His literature Tao Te Ching has been passde to the posterity, which founds the spirit connotation of upholding nature and harmony between human being and nature for thousands of years.


Chuang-tzu (BC369-BC286) named Zhou , he was born in warring States Period at Song Dynasty (now Mengcheng County of Bozhou City ),famous philosopher and representative figure of Taoism. He developed the Taoism with his reprehensive works of Chuang-tzu, which explains the spirit of Taoism and makes it a far-reaching philosophy sect.


Huatuo(AD145-208), his courtesy name is Yuanhua, was born in late Eastern Han Dynasty at Jiaojun of Kingdom Pei (now Qiaocheng District of Bozhou), the outstanding surgeon of that time and was honored by people of that time as the "legendary doctor". He was accomplished in internal medicine, surgery, gynecology, pediatrics and acupuncture, especially in surgery . He found the anesthetic "Mafeisan" and invented Wuqin Xi,which is a kind of medical exercise imitating movements of five animals.


Caocao(AD155-220), Caocao lived in Jiaojun of Kingdom Pei of Han-Wei Period (now Qiaocheng District of Bozhou City ). His courtesy name is Mengde and was the excellent politician, militarist and litterateur of Three Kingdoms Period, the founder of Cao Regime.

Chen Tuan

Chen Tuan(AD892-989), courtesy name Tunan, Hao Fuyaozi, born in the late period of Tang Dynasty at Zhenyuan of Bozhou (now Qiaocheng District of Bozhou), famous ideologist and Xuan-Xue philosopher, Chen Tuan devoted whole life to studying Yi-ology and wrote the Zhixuanpian(81 chapters) and Yilongtu, creating the Chentuan school that is the combination of three religions.

Historic Sites

Long history and splendid culture left Bozhou many cherish cultural heritages and sites. Bozhou is a famous State-level historical city and National Excellent Tour City .Now, there are 22 State-level and Province-level key cultural heritages units under protection, 128 County-level and 150 common cultural heritages, among which the Engraved Drama stage, Huazu Nunnery, Underground Troop Road, Yuchi Temple Site, Wanfo Tower, Tianjing Palace, Chuang-tzu Ancestral Hall are famous all over the world.

Resource situation

Bozhou is rich in Chinese herbal medicine and has the name of "capital of Herbal Medicine"; it is one of the birthplaces of Chinese medicine culture and the key base of high-tech and industrized development of dillistry and was the hometown of Chinese white wine since ancient time; Gujing Disllistry and Gaolu Dillistry are well known all over the nation. Now, it is the important base of Chinese white wine industry.

Bozhou is also the well known producing area of Scalpers. Mengcheng County, Guoyang County and Lixin County are the main producing area of scalpers and horned as the "Golden triangle" of Chinese scalpers. Bozhou is also the producing base of excellent subsidiary agricultural products that is abundant in wheat, soybean, corn, cotton and tobacco leaf and has set up a State-level Vegetable wholesale Market.

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