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Chinese Medicine Market

Currently the largest medicinal market in China with over 3000 different types of Plants, Herbs and treatments available for sale. Opening with the rise of dawn each morning or at 5:30 during the winter, there has been medicine for sale on this site for over 1000 years. The most vibrant section of the market, the indoor part closes around 10am so you are advised to get there early to see the morning traders at their most active.

History and Culture of traditional Chinese Medicine

Bozhou is rich in Chinese herbal medicine materials and was named the, and it is one of the birthplaces of Chinese herbal medicine culture. The history of Chinese herbal medicine can be traced back to the early period of Western Zhou about 3700 years ago. Huatuo, the legendary doctor Huatuo in East Han Dynasty, studied Qihuang hard and possessed superb medical skills. He opened up medicine parks, dogged medicine pools, built up medicine room, planted medicine herbs, and was accomplished in internal medicine, surgery, gynecology, pediatrics and acupuncture. He is the person who first founded the anesthetic Mafeisan in the world and performed surgical laparotomy with hard stuff. There is a story about Huatuo scraping the bone of Guan Yu to clear of toxin. Huatuo was familiar with health preservation and invented the Wuqinxi, which made the history of excises treatment. Wuqinxi is popular nowadays and has benefit to later generations.

Chinese Herbal Medicine Tour Industry

From early April to early May of each year, it is the season of "Three Flowers". Thousand mu of peonies, Portia flowers blossom out and attract each guest. All kinds of medicinal bath and medicinal wine are all beneficial to human body and health.

Medicine Industry

There are 42 medicine production enterprises, 38 enterprises of which have gained the GMP certification. In 2007, the Chinese Chamber of Import and Export Trade for Medical and Health Product granted it as the "Exporting Base of Chinese Medicine Decoction Pieces", and the Bozhou Modern Chinese Medicine Industry Base has been ranked as one of the Six High-tech Industry Base of the 861 Movement of Anhui Province.

Try hard to set up an international Exhibition Stage

Bozhou has successfully held the 25rd National Chinese Herbal Medicine materials Trade Fair and has powerful influence on medicine field. In September of 2006, under the permission of the State Council, the State Ministry of Commerce approves the host of the international Chinese Medicine Exposition in Bozhou. Now, Bozhou is planning to build an international, market-oriented,specialized and brand-oriented International Exhibition Stage.


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